Co-op Postcards

Even with an array of online and social marketing channels, a recent study conducted by Marketing Sherpa found that 79% of businesses still find direct mail to be most effective for reaching new prospects. This is especially true for local service-based businesses, 34% of whom scored direct mail as “highly effective”. Unfortunately, direct mail is expensive – until now.

Service Available in Wake County, NC


If you business in Wake County North Carolina (Apex, Cary, Fuquay, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Raleigh), then we have the perfect solution to help you advertise and brand your business in your local markets.

With our Ad~Dex™ solution, local businesses share the real estate on an over-sized (6″x 11″) top-quality postcard to realize dramatic cost savings on direct mail advertising. Cooperative advertising is a very smart way to share the costs of direct mail. But don’t confuse cooperative with collective advertising. With collective direct mail, ads get buried into an envelope of unconnected and competing businesses. Our Ad~Dex™ solution is much different. All businesses are always on the front cover, never compete, and promote a unified message. The result is a high-interest ad piece that is more appealing, lower cost, and offers better shelf-life than a dedicated ad piece.

Save BIG on Direct Mail Advertising, Without Sacrificing Quality

Shop around and you will find that it costs around 40¢-50¢ per piece to print and mail postcards in bulk. That doesn’t sound like much until you want to mail thousands of cards. With Ad~Dex, the cost-per-ad is around 7½ cents, allowing you to get your message in front of prospects more often, which is the key to successfully branding your business. Don’t blow your whole marketing budget on a dedicated one-off postcard mailing, use our approach to send regular quarterly postcards to hit only the best homes in the neighborhoods where you do business.

Don’t Settle for 3rd Rate Advertising

the-truth-about-black-and-white-adsThe last thing you want to do is look weak with a poor quality advertising campaign that uses low resolution, black & white images, low grade paper stock, or cartoon’ish artwork. With our solution, your business will portray a really professional image so your business is perceived as a market leader rather than a market wanna-be. And your ad will be delivered, via US mail, to demographically targeted prospects.

Our world-class graphic designer will create a compelling ad for your business; one that makes a lasting impression with your prospects’. Our aim is to make sure that your company is viewed as the ‘Gorilla’ and not the ‘Lamb’ in YOUR market. And the best news – our solution is the lowest priced and most effective direct mail solution on the market. So why settle!?