TEXT Message Marketing

SMS MarketingIf you have a retail or service business that caters to consumers, it is likely that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your active client base. This 80/20 rule is known as the “Pareto principle” (after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto). Those 20% are your “vital few” and it’s important to show them love. Our proven-to-work text message (SMS) loyalty awards program and mobile coupon solution will make sure they keep coming back. It’s all about redemption’s and ROI, 

Think Small™ Mobile Marketing brings the power and sales-driving capabilities of mobile marketing to you cost-effectively and reliably – services usually reserved for only large organizations with big marketing budgets. Now you can send promotions and engaging communications as needed according to your business cycle, not according to media schedules or printing slots. And it’s designed to work on every cell phone!

Mobile Coupons are Better!

Mobile Coupons


If you’re are not engaging your customers via mobile communications then you are neglecting a massive trend in the way consumers shop. In 2011, it is estimated that 20 million US adults redeemed mobile coupons. By 2013, a whopping 16.5% of US adult mobile phone users are expected to redeem mobile coupons, according to eMarketer. Our Think Small™ Mobile Marketing Platform will enable your business to compete on the exact same playing field as the major retailers for a fraction of the cost. Juniper Research, the leading global research firm,  is studying mobile coupons and expects the global redemption rate of mobile coupons to average at over 8% by 2016, an eightfold increase over the best paper coupon campaigns. Mobile coupons have compelling advantages over their paper and online counterparts and are particularly strategic for brick and mortar retailers in their quest to regain ground lost to online retailers during the internet revolution.

Reward Customer Loyalty


Loyalty programs are one the best strategies for driving repeat business. In fact, nearly 90% of today’s consumers participate in at least one loyalty program.  Our solution allows customers to carry your loyalty program in their pocket! Defining your mobile loyalty program is a snap with our solution.

Reminders Reduce Costly No-Shows

icon_128 (26)Do you run an office practice that is appointment driven? Broken appointments and no-shows can turn a well scheduled day into a wreck.  Scheduling is one of the most difficult management systems in the practice. For a doctor, attorney, salon, or any business that relies on clients’ keeping their appointment, the cost of ‘no-shows’ can cost hundreds of dollars in weekly fees. Our solution let’s you send a personal reminder to your clients and even ask for confirmation.

Stay Connected with Your Clients

 BalloonsPolls, Trivia Games, Text-to-Win Contests, Birthday Wishes are all great ways to stay connected to your customers. And each opt-in campaign can be rewarded with multiple levels of coupons and rewards, for both winners and losers.

Post Campaigns to Social Media

icon_128 (5)icon_128 (7)Your campaigns can be multicast to your Twitter and Facebook pages with a single ‘send’.  Once setup, the integration is seamless.

Listing Alerts

Home For Sale Sign in Front of Beautiful New HomeAre you a Real Estate Agent or in Automobile Sales? We have the perfect solution for you! With our Auto Dealer and Real Estate vertical packages,  you can alert your clients of new home or auto listings, price reductions, promotions, and incentives as they are announced.