Mobile Web Sites

Mobile Web SitesYou’ve invested time and money into your web site. But have you confirmed that your site can be viewed and navigated by phone or mobile device? If your web site is too difficult to read, too cumbersome to navigate, or loads too slowly over a cellular network then you may be turning away more than 25% of your visitors.

Does Your Web Site Look Great on a Phone?

Mobile visitors expect a much different browsing experience when they are on their phone.  Besides expecting pages to load lighting-fast, mobile users need thumb-friendly navigation that offers direct access to info.  Look closely at the following ‘before and after‘ images below.  The images show how the site appears on a phone before and after mobile optimization. Without mobile optimization, most web sites are difficult to navigate by phone because the require the user to scroll for key info.

Half of All Mobile Searches Have Local Intent

When a user searches for your business from their phone they are doing so because they want actionable info. They may want to call you, get directions to your business, see your hours of operation, or setup an appointment. Unless you make these types of actions exceedingly easy to perform, most mobile users will ‘bounce’ right out of your site and move on to another site.

Confirm Your Site’s Phone Navigation


Open your company’s web site on your mobile phone (or use this mobile emulator) and use the following checklist to confirm that your site offers mobile visitors the following:

  • Thumb-Friendly Navigation
  • Fast Page Loads
  • 1-Click Operations
  • Up/down Scrolling Only

Our Mobile Package

If you determine that your site doesn’t meet the criteria needed to deliver an optimum browsing experience for your mobile visitors, we can correct this.  We will maximize your web investment. And the price you pay to close the mobile gap will be tiny when compared to the additional value you offer to your mobile visitors.

Our Mobile Web Package costs only $369, which includes development. Hosting for the first year is only $99. Following years, you only pay $135 for annual hosting, and that includes quarterly updates to your site.

The Package Includes:

  • A complete customized ‘call-to-action‘ mobile web site
  • A set of high-resolution QR codes in various sizes (as large as 8″ x 8″ so you can print anywhere!)
  • Fully managed hassle-free mobile site hosting
  • Drop-in Ready‘ Redirect code – provided in ALL languages (HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, JSP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) so phone users will always view your mobile site
  • Monthly scan report that allows you to measure the performance of your scan code campaigns