Mobile Phone Simulator

Use this tool to see how your site renders on a mobile phone.

  1. Choose the size of the monitor you are using now to run the test
  2. Choose one of the available mobile phones to emulate (the default is an iPhone®)
  3. Choose “Screen” if you would like to expand the size of the emulator to fit your browser window or select “Real” to show the actual size of the phone’s display (hint: this will only works correctly if you’ve accurately entered your monitor size)
  4. You can change the orientation to “horizontal” to see how your site looks when the phone is rotated to landscape mode
  5. Finally, type in your web site address where it say’s “Website to emulate“. (hint: you must overwrite the default web address “”)
  6. Confirm that your site’s navigation is easy and make sure no right/left scrolling is required.