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Paid Search AdvertisingAdWords, Google’s online search and display advertising platform, is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to acquire new clients.  Often called pay-per-click advertising, the brilliance of AdWords is that you pay only when your ad is clicked on by someone who is genuinely interested in your product or service.  We can help you exploit the sales-driving power of paid online search and/or display marketing.

Conceding PPC to Larger Competitors Can be Costly

Many small businesses fail to realize the profit potential of AdWords because they lack the know-how and don’t have the time to dedicate to the steep learning curve needed to optimize AdWords campaigns. Without the expertise of a qualified Adwords professional to guide you through the most critical aspects of pay-per-click, achieving a high ad rank for the lowest possible bid price can be very difficult. We are a Qualified AdWords Company, meaning we use only trained and certified experts to setup and manage your campaigns.

We never had any success with AdWords until we contracted with Adverscan. This appears a result of the focused and authentic landing page that Adverscan developed for us… ” – Arty Burd, President, AllCom Business Solutions


Companies that offer high-value products (but where transaction volume is low), often see large ROI swings from month-to-month. It is also important to consider the life-time value (LTV) of your average client when estimating effective ROI. For example, the sales-per-client for the example shown above totaled $1,578. However, because of repeat business, the real LTV of those clients is actually around $3,000 per. Knowing your clients’ LTV is really important when estimating effective ROI on ad spend.

How Does the Program Work?

Numbers-0-filled-iconTraffic & Market Analysis. Before we do anything at all, we will need to estimate demand, opportunity, and ROI analysis for the service(s) you want to market. During this phase we will do a lot of number crunching and spreadsheet calculations. Before starting we need to A) review the demand and competition for your relevant search terms and keywords (in your target markets); B) Estimate the amount you will need to bid, based on recent cost-per-click (PPC) prices; C) Review your existing online landing pages (or understand what we will need to create) to achieve a high quality score; D) We will request you to provide us with assorted sales metrics, so that we can estimate your potential ROI, E) Document your exact objectives – sales, brand awareness, web traffic increase, etc.. These key performance objectives will ultimately be the key performance indicators that we measure during your service term. This phase is most critical for both you and us to determine if, and how well, you might perform.  If we feel that you will not be successful, we will not take you under our management and you will not be charged for our analysis.

Numbers-1-filled-iconSetup Your Ad Campaigns. Using Google’s best practices, we will develop your campaign(s). Based on the analysis we performed and the objectives we’ve specified, we will utilize the myriad ad extensions that Google offers for tracking conversions, re-marketing your ads, and so forth. Again, based on our analysis, we will setup your search and/or display campaigns, configure the best bidding methods for your different campaigns,  (CPC, CPA, CPM, etc.), setup your bid adjustments (e.g., by device, time-of-day, etc.), and much more. We will optimize all AdWords configuration aspects so that you pay the lowest price for the best ad rank. During this phase we will need to develop and/or optimize your landing pages as well, to maximize your conversion rate. We will also create the necessary number and combination of  text and rich graphical display ads to ensure ad display optimization based on click-thru rate (CTR) and/or conversion rates.

Numbers-3-filled-iconMonitor and Optimize Your Campaigns. Initially, monitoring will be used to make initial adjustments on bidding and scheduling. After a few months of carefully monitoring your performance and analytic data, we will optimize your campaigns as needed to fully maximize CTR, sales conversions, opportunities (missed clicks, etc.) and so forth and minimize your ad costs and poor performing ad assets. Typically, our overarching objective during this phase is to get the strongest ROI possible.


Monthly Reporting of Analytic Data. Using Google AdWords analytic data we will report performance each month. On a quarterly basis, or after collecting enough data to be significant, we will also compare our initial ROI forecast with actual sales data that you provided to us initially in a more comprehensive readout.  These reports will provide you with feedback on how well we are performing and will also serve as the basis for making adjustments to the various campaign settings, e.g. max bids, bid type, daily budget caps, ad and rotation scheduling, placements, and others.

We Want You to be Successful

Google wants you to be successful. In fact, they rely on qualified partners to help business owners realize positive ROI from their PPC campaigns. We know that unless you achieve meaningful ROI you will be disappointed and give up. We get it. We offer a performance-based service and will do everything possible to make sure that your campaigns are successful. When ROI is achieved, paid search marketing is the classic Win-Win. Let us help your prospects find you!

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