Search Engine Optimization

icon_128 (17)Hiring search engine optimization (SEO) experts can be frustrating and time-consuming for small business owners. Finding trustworthy professionals in your given market can be a real challenge. We cut through the ‘geek-speak’ and offer clear, business-minded explanations that answer – why, what, how, and how muchOur staff is comprised of only senior-level professionals who fully appreciate what it means to deliver quantifiable results. We don’t try to sell you SEO that we don’t think you need to compete in your market.

Site & Page Visibility

Too often small businesses fail to understand exactly how the search engines find, or more specifically, ‘index’ their content. By using webmaster tools, site crawlers, page-load timers, site-map generators, and other utilities we can analyze and identify problems that need to be addressed so that the search engines index your site correctly. Crawl tools can also be used to identify broken links on your site, which can cause the search engines to penalize your rankings.

On-Page SEO

There are an assortment of straightforward steps that we can do quickly to optimize your page’s SEO. Some examples include: Search-friendly URL naming, Site structure & navigation, thoughtful meta data (titles and descriptions), alt tagging of images, keyword analysis (ranking competitiveness, density, etc.), page load speed, and attributes set at the domain name level.

Online Citations and Directory Entries

Local Search MarketingCitation building is another easy way to make sure your business appears in the search engine results page. The key is to make sure that you list only on relevant, reputable, and high-ranking directory sites. Online citations (aka directory listings), should be part of every business’ link-building strategy.  Though not necessarily a complicated task, citation building can be time-consuming and the challenge is finding the best online directories for your specific business.

If you are interested in improving your search engine optimization (SEO), your search rankings, or your online visibility then give us a call use the contact form to the right to send us an email. We will help you identify and prioritize a practical and cost-effective path forward to improving your search rankings. When it comes to optimizing search rankings, each client’s situation is unique. So you can expect us to listen, learn, and ask questions prior to proceeding with an analysis of your current situation. In fact, there are many different actions that can be performed to help improve search rank and visibility.  For most clients, only certain SEO improvements usually need to be addressed. Most sites have certain gaps in their SEO that can be improved upon quickly.