Social Media Packages

We Don’t Believe One Size Fits All

When it comes to social media, most agencies and social media consultants stick to a tight script, e.g., posts, tweets, articles, etc. While this approach provides an easy to follow template for the agency, the one-size-fits-all  approach neglects to consider the bigger picture of what you need to accomplish at the particular stage of your business.

Our pricing for social media management is based on the minimum number of hours that we guarantee to dedicate to your account on a monthly basis.

At certain stages of your business you will likely need to focus on different aspects of social media. The basic parameters for each plan is provided for budgetary purposes, so that you know exactly how much you will spend each month.  However, we are very careful not to apply a cookie-cutter mentality to our service offering. All plans are flexibility so the mix of activities can be altered as needed.

“Market Leader” Plan – $1,550/month (BEST VALUE)

At Least Eighteen (18) Dedicated Hours, Five (5) Social Channels (including YouTube), Two (2) Original Content Pieces, One (1) Video

Business Team With Lamp Head

Everything below plus… One (1) original video production shall be released every month with a total running length of at least sixty (60) seconds.

pencil_128This plan requires a quarterly commitment. Onsite video production shall occur once every 3 months. We may require a nominal travel allowance for certain locations.

The added objectives for this plan are the following:

  1. Position your business as a true market leader
  2. Maximize the time prospects spend on your site

“Thought-Leader” Plan – $1,000/month

At Least Ten (10) Dedicated Hours, Four (4) Social Channels, Curated Content, Two (2) Original Content Pieces

Everything below plus… Choose an additional social channel for a total of four (4) and one (1) additional original content piece for a total of two (2) authored articles.

The added objectives for this plan are the following:

  1. Position your business as a reliable and authoritative source of expertise
  2. Maximize your search engine page rankings (SERP)

“Storyteller” Plan – $575/month

At Least Five (5) Dedicated Hours, Three (3) Social Channels, Curated Content, One (1) Original Content Piece

Everything below plus… Choose an additional two (2) social channels for a total of three (3).  This plan also includes the authoring of one (1) exclusiveoriginal article for your blog each month. Content examples include: customer stories, articles about your product/service, employee profiles, market commentary.  Stories will also include originally authored graphics and/or fully-licensed artwork as needed.

The added objectives for this plan are the following:

  1. Drive user traffic back to your site to view your content
  2. Increased search engine optimization, using researched and targeted keywords
  3. Portraying your business as an expert in its field
  4. Promoting back-links (if you syndicate your blog via RSS)

“Stream of Consciousness” Plan – $300/month

At Least 2.5 Dedicated Hours , One (1) Social Channel, Curated Content

The “stream of consciousness” is perfect for the small business that wants to ensure they are always generating a “social pulse”. We will maintain regular active engagement with your fans and followers by publishing interesting and relevant content consistently throughout the month. Under this plan, we will manage activities for one (1) of your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest). The default monthly activities for this plan include micro-blogging “curated” (not original) content that is both relevant and interesting for your target market several times per week.

The objectives for this plan include:

  1. Promoting active engagement with your fan base
  2. Ensuring that your channel stays fresh and active
  3. Prompting feed-back through questions and polls we ask your audience
  4. Publishing announcements of events, specials, etc.
  5. Making sure your business remains ever-present in the streams of your followers