Thank You 2, Marcey Rader

“Thank you so much for making the video process so easy. I am so impressed with your preparation, attention to detail and follow-through. I will certainly be talking you up to anyone interested in video and commercial production…”

– Marcey Rader, Lifestyle Coach for Mobile Professionals

It was such a nice surprise to receive this testimonial from Marcey. The real surprise was that it came by way of the US Post Office as a hand-written note.  Well thank you too Marcey for being so professional and easy to work with. Marcey is a one-take wonder. We rarely needed to re-take any shot sequences over an entire day of shooting video.  Marcey is a real hero on camera. I wish every shoot was so easy…

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About Mike Cancell

Mike has been a thought leader in the area of mobile communications and digital marketing for the past 20 years. He is the principal partner of Adverscan, a small multi-channel marketing agency located in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. When not daydreaming about skiing in the Rockies, wind surfing in the Caribbean, and dating supermodels, he can be found at home trying the patience of his wife and kids.