Video Production

Video ProductionWe live in an age where attention spans are really short. Video is one of the best ways to differentiate your business from your competitors’ and make a powerful first impression, which is important at the early stage of the sales funnel. We produce top-quality yet affordable professional videos. We offer full-service video production to meet small business budgets. There’s no need to sacrifice quality for cost, we can deliver both.

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Project Management
An account manager will handle all project management details.
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Our experienced creative team will make sure your video is interesting and professional.
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Sound tracks
Licensed soundtracks are included with each production.
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Scripts & Storyboards
All scripts, storyboards, scene lists, etc. will be documented and reviewed prior to shoot day.
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Cast Coordination
We can help identify, locate, and coordinate with the cast prior to production.
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Commercial Equipment
We use only commercial grade video equipment, lighting, microphones, etc.
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Professional Voice Over
We use expert voice talent for narration.
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Content Distribution
After production, we can distribute your videos to the content networks and channels you choose.

A Powerful Lead Generator

Marketing Sherpa (a leading source of market research) found that videos increase website traffic by 200% to 300% and doubles time-on-site per visitor. Online e-tailor Zappos, the market leader, increased sales up to 30% when a video accompanied their product listings. A ComScore study found that 96% of online shoppers watch online video before deciding to purchase a product.

Affordability Without Sacrifice

There are indeed many behind-the-scene aspects of producing a high-quality video production. But the effort can really pay off. In fact, no other marketing asset that you produce can project your brand more powerfully than a video.  A company video can be a top lead-generator for many years. But quality cannot be sacrificed with a video production. Having no video at all is better than releasing a poor-quality production. At the same time, over-production is not necessary for most businesses and can even act as a detriment. The key to any video is maintaining user interest and making a positive impression with your prospects.

Our Production Process

Below are the typical steps we follow when producing a video for our clients. One of the key success factors is rigorous project management, something that we insist on by our production team.  In fact before we being any of these steps, we will create a project site that you will be invited to so you can monitor our internal milestones, discussions, activities, and issue resolutions. We feel that you deserve transparency when it comes to such an all important activity that will affect your brand.

Numbers-1-filled-icon Creative Planning Consultation

Every great video starts with an idea and an objective. Our talented team will sit down with you and discuss your goals for the video, messaging guidelines, tone, target audience, and so forth.

Numbers-2-filled-iconScript & Storyboard Development

After we’ve consulted with you about your vision, we will professionally author a story-line and script. The script will be used to ensure that our target time-line is met. Having a clear, concisely edited script and annotated scene-list is key to a successful project. We may ask you for still photos, and other assets (e.g., slides, logos, branding that will be integrated into the production. We will also locate an appropriate voice and music score.

Numbers-3-filled-iconCast Selection and Communication

Whether your video will contain actual speaking roles or not, most will showcase actual people (e.g., staff, clients, etc.). We will instruct the cast about proper conduct, attire, and offer other instructions to minimize disruption on shoot day. We also send out waivers to be signed to avoid right-to-use issues.

Numbers-4-filled-iconOn-Location Video Production

This is where it gets really exciting. Our team will come on-site and shoot all necessary video to make your vision a reality. Our professional videographer/director will handle all the logistics, including lighting, HD video assets, auxiliary audio, talent direction, and other elements involved in making a video.

Numbers-5-filled-iconPost-Production Editing

This is where the magic of video gets realized. This critical step distinguishes an amateurish video from a polished production that you will be proud to showcase. Using best-of-breed video editing software, we incorporate all the assets we’ve gathered to create a final world-class product, which will be suitable for online or even television.

Flexible Affordable Pricing

Production value is the investment budget you set for your video project relative the what you expect to receive in return. We think that’s the way a business decisions should be made.

Shop around for professional video production and will you quickly learn that video production is expensive. Small businesses often hit a brick wall when trying to engage with production companies, unless their budget is measured in the tens of thousands. We’ve taken the production process and streamlined every step. At the same time, we refuse to put out an inferior product.

Our professional videos start as low as $2,700. We also offer bundled packages that allow us to scale the production costs. So multiple videos can be offered at a discount when ordered as a single production. We don’t believe that any business should be out-priced from this all-important visual medium.