Video Samples

The single most important characteristic of any video is interest. Whether shot on a $600 smartphone or with the very best HD production equipment, a boring video will not hold the attention of an audience. Yes, we do use excellent quality HD audio/video equipment, so our videos look good. But more importantly, we take the time to script, storyboard, and plan every shot in your video. So when we start shooting your video, you can rest assured that we will have planned out all the elements needed to make an interesting and compelling video clip to watch. We’ve shots videos about mundane topics and make them interesting to watch.    Check out a few samples below:

Professional Interview

Are you a doctor, attorney, or other expert professional? If you offer professional services then you know how important credibility and likability are to acquiring new clients. A professional interview can be used to convey expertise and help your prospects and customers get to know you.  We handle all the details and ensure that you shine on screen.


Don’t neglect one of the most interesting aspects of your business – the people. Personal back-stories are effective at promoting trust and credibility and connecting on a personal level with your customers. A back story need not be about the owner or CEO. Consider highlighting a star employee, sales partner, or even a customer to deepen the relationship you maintain with your stakeholders.

Commercial Style Videos

Whether you sell a service or a product, a short concise commercial can help you explain the benefits of your solution and project authenticity, credibility, and professionalism. In this type of shoot we use a voiced-over narration (either yours or professional voice talent) accompanied with action shots to maintain strong interest and a story line. Whether you sell shredded mulch or trap wild animals, we promise to make your service appear exciting!

Service/Product Demos

Sometimes it can be really hard or tedious to describe your product in written words and still images. That’s where a demonstration video can be used to really explain and accentuate your product or solution.

Personal Branding Videos

If you are an experienced business coach or an aspiring professional speaker, having a professional video resume is a must-have these days. After all, you are selling yourself, and doing this with words and still pictures is nearly impossible. We can present your inner hero on screen so your prospects want to learn more.

Office/Premise Tour

A multi-cast tour of your business is a great way to invite prospects in and showcase your team. Show prospects how your staff interacts with customers or present a behind-the-scenes peek of your operation.


Don’t you agree that seeing (& hearing) a client testimonial is more powerful than just reading one? Next time you request a testimonial from one of your customers consider recording it.

Video Blog

Add videos to your mix of blog and social media posts to increase engagement and project subject matter expertise.